to Make a Difference

Every brand has to highlight its values. Do it with an identifiable and differentiated style. To achieve this, we develop unique communication concepts, relating each brand with its audience. This approach is determined through an integral digital campaign of communication, that involves not only the main social media but also printed and digital banners. Innovation differentiates us, show as active and it demands quality.

to Be a Step Forward

It is not enough just to speak or communicate. Each brand has to be proactive, understanding its audiences, from particular profiles, habits, hobbies and everything that entertains them and creates loyalty. 

In this way, we create content focused on the needs, motivations, surprises and many sensations that we discover in each investigation, and in each experience. 

We develop content for events, digital campaigns, ATL, BTL and public and private interventions.  We are in charge from the concept to the last detail of logistics and post production.   

Web Design
in an 100% Digital Era.

In a digital world, one of the main components of brands network is their own web page.  This is the startup that then connect us with their media and expands the information that we want to see in due time and form to know it better.  Photos gallery, videos, members of the team, next developments and all the components that each company needs in a further dialog.

BTL Actions
to Surprise in Due Time and Form

Over the years, brands create experiences for their audiences, they become the protagonists and they have interactions in real time. We assume new creative challenges in each action and we empower the 5 senses.  We share with you many instances where the ST team synchronized products launches, fashion shows and any kind and format events that were unknown where the key was to do research and take the risk, from the digital and traditional. 


“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Walt Disney